Robin Williams: Coward

Comedy legend was found dead in his home Monday morning. Cause of death is reported to be a suspected suicide

I was going to start this by writing “Robin Williams Died Yesterday”, but that’s not headline grabbing. Nor is it really the truth. He didn’t die.

Robin Williams didn’t have a heart attack. He didn’t have stomach cancer. He wasn’t in a plane crash. A car accident. His tour bus didn’t roll off a cliff in Switzerland. He took his own life. The coward’s way out.

When I first saw that he was dead, I cried. I mean, I’m 50. I grew up with the guy. Form Mork And Mindy (What ever happened to Pam Dawber?- and no, I didn’t have to Google her name) to Good Morning Viet Nam and and on. I saw every movie he did. Every Comedic Special. The guy was brilliant. But as much as people will recall his comedic genius, it was the dramatic roles that I really loved. Dead Poets Society was brilliant as was Good Will Hunting, but I loved the dark drama. The Night Listener, Insomnia, One Hour Photo. Brilliant, but in the end a waste.

I’m sorry if I’m not sensitive. I understand, The man had demons. But who doesn’t have demons? Who isn’t feeling like their up- against the wall, or the weight of the world is bearing down on them. I guarantee you the guy that is losing his home, his job, his family; the guy, or girl, who feels so completely alone and helpless; who can’t see anything but the tunnel and no light at the end; the person who’s been abandoned is facing some much harsher demons than an award winning, millionaire “genius”, loved by the world, praised for his work will ever face.

I won’t say “he took the easy way out.” As someone who at one time wished to die, it’s not easy to kill yourself. You don’t just do it with as much thought as you put into starting your car. But still, the guy had more options than 99% of us do.




New Rules – 7/11/14

New Rules

Now that there’s been an uproar about all the neocons that lied about the Iraq war, with no consequences, somebody has to tell my where there hasn’t been a similar uproar over all the Republicans who lied about Obamacare, with no consequences.

It’s been 4 years since the bill passed, has anyone come across even one death panel?
The next Liberal to tell a Republican “you’re entitled to your own opinion but not your own facts”, should really just admit they’ve never seen Fox News.

Now I get that neither party has a monopoly on lying and they all do it so often, they’ve invented their own word for it; “I misspoke.” but how come the rule for one party, the Republican party, is that when they get caught in a lie they don’t have to stop telling it?

They said Obamacare would use death panels. It doesn’t. They said it was a government takeover, and the insurance industry is making record profits. They said it covered illegals. It doesn’t. They said it was a job killer. It hasn’t been. They said there were elves who bake cookies in trees. Well, almost…

Now for sure, Obama also told a lie when he said everybody who likes their healthcare plan can keep it. And for about 2% of the population, that did turn out to be false. The difference is he stopped saying it. He stepped up and said “You’re right. My bad.” because he understands there’s this thing called observable reality.

But on the Republican side, observable reality needs more study. Which is why their talking points, which have been disproven, remain! Like a guest whose been asked to leave a party but does not. It reminds me of a horror movie, when you think you’ve killed a lie but it won’t stay dead.

Which is why I call them Zombie Lies. Yes zombie lies.

Remember fracking doesn’t cause earthquakes? Zombie lie! So stop saying it.
Voter fraud? We studied it, it’s not an actual problem. Stop zombie lying about it.
Their entire economic philosophy -cut taxes for the rich and it trickles down- is a zombie lie.
And all these zombie lies are still out there, roaming the countryside. Neither alive nor dead.

Like Dick Cheney.

Hungry for brains, like Dick Cheney.

I mean, we think we’ve eradicated one, but it turns out it’s just lying dormant, in a cave full of bat blood. Like the ebola virus.

…or Dick Cheney.

Dick Cheney, who did not even bother in his recent return from the dead to update the lies he told about Iraq the first time. He’s till out there saying “Well Saddam was building a bomb and he was working with al Qua….”

It’s like when Chuck Berry sings about Sweet Little Sixteen. You’re 90, man.

There is no shame in their game. One week they’re out there saying “No one will sign up for Obamacare.” And the next week “Oh, OK, they signed up? OK, but they aren’t paying the premiums. Oh they are? OK. Well, it’s not the young people. Oh, it IS the young people? OK. Uhhh, but it only covers you if you’re Gay….”

You just want to go “Wait! When did we switch over? What happened to yesterday’s lie? It’s still out there forever, like a plastic bag in a tree, but now we’re just using the new one?”

Yes, because what they do is they pass a zombie lie down to dumber and dumber people who believe it more and more.

Hank Poulson may be over the one about Climate Change being a hoax, but it’s still good enough for Sean Hannity. Who then gets quoted by Michelle Bachman. Who forms the intellectual core of thinking for Victoria Jackson.

And when you think the zombie lie has finally gone to die at the Idea Hospice of the absolutely stupidest people on Earth, there it is being retweeted by Donald Trump.

I Can’t Take It

I don’t think there’s one time that I get in my car to drive somewhere in this city and I don’t get aggravated. I just don’t get how people can be so out of touch when they drive and I find myself asking the same questions over and over;  

Why do people think 40MPH means 30MPH?? I don;t want to speed. Really, I use my cruise, even in town, I just want to do the damn speed limit.   

What is the DEAL with the lights on War Dr.?? I just came back from dropping my kids off. Coming back on War Dr., the lights at N. Monroe & California both turned red, for NO reason. No car waiting to cross over or turn onto War Dr. Nothing, No reason. This is a normal occurrence during the twice a week trip to the Heights to pick up and then drop off my kids. 

Turn signals. I can’t count how many times someone will suddenly stop in front of me and then decide to make a turn, usually performed poorly.  

Here’s a HUGE one. Light turns green: First car sits there. One… two… three… four…. Oh, time to go??? Good. because the next car is going to count three before HE goes. If this is a left turn, on a left turn, it means many times that the third car is not making the light. That’s normally me, because the morons in front of my can’t figure out of that’s the right shade of green. 

What’s the deal with stopping in the middle of the street to talk to someone on their front porch?? And then sitting there, obviously not caring that they’re holding up traffic. 

And then, we move north of Glen, and University becomes the Autobahn. Form 30MPH to 60MPH once they get passed that light. 

Why don’t people here know the little nuances that make driving a better experience. Timing the light to go as soon as it turns green. Getting right to pass the car turning left. Getting left in a four lane if you’re going straight at a light so people turning right can have the right lane to MAKE the turn….  

I seriously think cab drivers that have to deal with this nonsense every day should get hazardous pay or free psychotherapy….


From February 5, 2013