Robin Williams: Coward

Comedy legend was found dead in his home Monday morning. Cause of death is reported to be a suspected suicide

I was going to start this by writing “Robin Williams Died Yesterday”, but that’s not headline grabbing. Nor is it really the truth. He didn’t die.

Robin Williams didn’t have a heart attack. He didn’t have stomach cancer. He wasn’t in a plane crash. A car accident. His tour bus didn’t roll off a cliff in Switzerland. He took his own life. The coward’s way out.

When I first saw that he was dead, I cried. I mean, I’m 50. I grew up with the guy. Form Mork And Mindy (What ever happened to Pam Dawber?- and no, I didn’t have to Google her name) to Good Morning Viet Nam and and on. I saw every movie he did. Every Comedic Special. The guy was brilliant. But as much as people will recall his comedic genius, it was the dramatic roles that I really loved. Dead Poets Society was brilliant as was Good Will Hunting, but I loved the dark drama. The Night Listener, Insomnia, One Hour Photo. Brilliant, but in the end a waste.

I’m sorry if I’m not sensitive. I understand, The man had demons. But who doesn’t have demons? Who isn’t feeling like their up- against the wall, or the weight of the world is bearing down on them. I guarantee you the guy that is losing his home, his job, his family; the guy, or girl, who feels so completely alone and helpless; who can’t see anything but the tunnel and no light at the end; the person who’s been abandoned is facing some much harsher demons than an award winning, millionaire “genius”, loved by the world, praised for his work will ever face.

I won’t say “he took the easy way out.” As someone who at one time wished to die, it’s not easy to kill yourself. You don’t just do it with as much thought as you put into starting your car. But still, the guy had more options than 99% of us do.




One thought on “Robin Williams: Coward

  1. In the event that someone somewhere actually seeks out Peo, IL and finds that forum…and ‘clicks’ on the link to your blog…
    Robin Williams’ death will be one of those “where were you when you heard….” moments for me. He was kind, self-effacing, abrasive, ascerbic, manic, thoughtful, funny, intelligent, authentic and human.
    I can’t imagine the pain of his children and family. I also hope they are not feeling guilty for those fleeting thoughts they must have…those fleeting thoughts of “he’s found peace” and “it’s over”. Because as awful as depression is for the patient, it’s also torture for those who love them. It’s a helpless feeling…it’s knowing someone you love has turned that corner…it’s wondering if they’ll come back this time. And it’s about letting go.

    I’d also like to share the thoughts I had a bit more than a year ago when some very close friends lost a loved one to depression:

    Depression. If only it was a matter of “getting some fresh air”, or “going for a walk”, or “doing something fun”. If only. It’s horrible…it’s looking at all the good in your life and still feeling like crawling into the closet and shutting the door. It’s knowing in the core of your being that the people who love you the most would be better off if you weren’t around…and trying to come up with a way to be gone that won’t be disruptive.

    When the lows show up it’s like walking through a pitch black tunnel. Sometimes the tunnel is long….sometimes it’s short. Each time the tunnel appears, there’s no knowing how long or short it will be.

    Depression isn’t a character flaw. It’s not a weakness. Antidepressants don’t “cure” depression. It’s a tool that, when the tunnel appears, provides a light at the end. Gives perspective…it will end…hold on.

    My heart hurts tonight for some very dear friends dealing with what’s left when the trail through the tunnel is too much to bear.


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