The Thorn

The Thorn 

The voice on the other end of the phone, a few weeks ago, said to me “you’re Peter.” 

I really have no idea of how I came to this place in my life. I mean, I know HOW I got here, but I don’t at the same time. 

Three weeks ago, I had never heard of The Thorn. I had only considered acting as a half-hearted fanciful idea, but one thing I have learned is that God does wonderous things. 

In the beginning of this journey, I prayed that God would reveal himself to me, which he did in a most profound way. After a few weeks, I prayed that he would stay close and apparent to me, so that I would know that I this was real, and he did, by leading to me some people that I have come to love and respect and admire. People that I never would have seen myself associating with, previously, have become incredible friends. 

As I’ve become more aware of the fact that I am living in God’s reality, I have prayed that God would use me as an example to others, proving that this is not a dream or a fairytale. That people would see that someone who lived a dark and desolate existence could be filled with the Holy Spirit and transformed into a creature of hope. 

Growing up in a Church, I had heard the story of how Peter had Betrayed Jesus 

When I had volunteered to help with the Easter presentation at Riverside, I was thinking production, not performing, but our incredible director, Audrey didn’t ask, but told me, I will be Peter and a few days later, I had a copy of my script. It’s been an amazing couple of weeks, but it all came together this weekend as we presented our version of The Thorn. I was not prepared for the impact of this event in my life. 

Even at rehearsals, I wasn’t completely ready for what happened in this Church that I love so much. Friday night, I watched the Passion of The Christ and seeing, really, not on the screen but in my heart, the agony and suffering that Jesus endured, willingly, knowingly, to provide this opportunity that I’ve been given and to each and every person that come after him was just overwhelming and for the first time, I understood… really understood, what Easter meant. And I felt completely unworthy and undeserving of any of this and all I could do, was clutch my Bible, fall to my knees and thank God for this precious gift. 

Last night, opening night if you will, as the band played I was really in awe of how beautiful this whole thing is. As my turn to walk out on stage and deliver my lines came, I wasn’t at all nervous, but just… really happy that I was here. As I came towards the end of my lines, applause rang out, catching me off guard, but bringing a smile to my face. Afterwards, in the concourse, the reality began to show itself as people approached me to tell me that I had inspired them, or touched them, or brought them to tears. What an amazing compliment to see in their eyes that they had been moved…. by me! Praise God! 

The Prodigal Son who came home

The early show this morning, I was restless and a little worried that I couldn’t connect like I had last night but as the show started and the band played, I stood in the eaves of Stage Left and cried at the raw beauty of what we were doing. I was overcome. If anyone on that stage had looked to the left, they would have certainly seen the tears streaming down my cheeks and the smile as I sang out with them, thanking God, Thanking Jesus with hands held high. The Spirit of God was with me this morning. I truly believe, as my scene arrived, that I was still shaken up and my delivery was, to me, less than convincing but afterwards, the same type of replies from the people I met outside. God is so great! 

The final show, was where it all came together. The audience was very much alive for this show, right form the start and all of us backstage could feel it.  As each scene went by, I felt like this was going to be special. Just before the lights went down, I was in front of the stage, and I heard my name. Turning, I saw an old friend of mine, Shane, who is ironically an actor, and as I found out, in the same place I was. Ascending from the hell he had been in for some years. I was blown away and moved at the same time. I found out recently that Shane is coming to work at my company soon and here he was, in the flesh. The guy I mentioned to my fellow cast-mates, telling me that he had seen my testimonial and was, himself, walking the same road as me. 

I was close to Jesus.

The band, again, had me in it’s grip as I was taken away and filled with raw emotion. The show went by fast and as I walked out on stage, I was captured for a moment by the other actors and how the light shown on them and the sheer beauty of that moment, and as I started to speak, I could feel the audience tuned in to me. Every word came out in a way I could have only hoped for and as I said the line about the Prodigal Son coming home, I heard someone say “thank You God”, and someone else said “Amen”, and the people watching broke into enthusiastic applause. I think I blushed. 

I can’t wait to see what God’s going to do with me next.

As I turned and walked off stage to more hands clapping, I passed Pastor John King and winked. I was home and this one moment in time, I prayed would never end.

 Happy Easter

Jesus has risen!!


From April 8, 2012


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