God Intervenes

Although I truly feel God’s presence in my life at all times, I sometimes am a bit insolent and I let myself get into situations that could be troublesome for me. 

Three times this week, God boldly intervened in my life to save me from what would -not could- but would have been bad situations. 

The first started on Sunday, when Pastor John told a story of a couple with marital problems he had counselled. When all seemed hopeless, the wife, who had been cheated on and abandoned, called an emergency meeting and in that meeting, proceeded to apologize to her husband for all the ways she had wronged him. In the end, that couple is happily together today. 

Now, that story is definitely profound, but until Tuesday, it didn’t have much of an affect on me, until God intervened. As the day went on, that story tugged at me and by the days end, it was actually causing me a lot of stress and anxiety. When I went to pick the kids up after work, I felt the urge to ask their mother to come out so I could talk to her and when she did, I began to apologize for the things I had dome terribly wrong. Specifically, I wanted to, needed to apologize for allowing a situation to occur that resulted in her leaving me. Now, I didn’t get to go through the entire list before she began to tear me up one side and down the other, but I stood there and let her, knowing it was an opportunity to let it out and to humble myself in her presence (and anyone else within ear-shot). 

Wednesday, I had an occasion to do something that night that would have been bad. Nothing Illegal, but lets just say beautiful Female, 22 yrs old and married. I struggled all day with what I was planing to do, and my conscience ate at me, which I knew was God saying loudly, “don’t go.” I could have and should have listened to that voice, but as the day wore down and she texted me to make sure we were still on, I apologized and admitted that I was just going to do what I wanted. At 8pm, an hour before we were going to meet up, just as I got in the shower, I got a text; “Something came up, have to cancel”. I thank God immediately for saving me from what would have certainly been a HUGE negative act. 

Friday, the sales people got out of work at 11AM. My boss does not believe in letting the rest of us go when the  sales people get off. Being a holiday weekend, we really felt this wan’t fair and it’s a pattern that’s repeated often. We work hard and diligently in admin to get our jobs done, yet the reward is not there for us. At lunch time, I left to cash my check with the plan to not come back. I can’t go into details, but something very good and profound happened to me that made me realize that a very bad thing would have happened if I didn’t return and let me know that I am indeed appreciated by my bosses. 

I wish I could say that I’ll never let myself get into these tangles again, but I’m a human being, a sinner, but God does look out for us, if we open ourselves up to him.


From May 27, 2012


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