Tragedy Outside Of Buffalo, NY

I don’t know why I waited so long to post anything on this. The plane crash Thursday night, near Buffalo really hit me hard.
First, it was within a mile of my Mother’s house. Slightly further to my Brother’s.
It’s a neighborhood that I know people in, although I did not know the people in the house that was destroyed in the crash.
Perhaps, it’s the fact that it was close to home that affects me. That people there are so closely knit and that everyone will be affected on some level.
Maybe it’s because I’m not there to grieve with my fellow Buffalonians that makes me feel so empty.
Or that I have driven up and down that road, so many times, that I can picture the houses , the landscape, where that road goes to…

I know that plane only had a few hundred yards to go and it would have been in a corn field, and the irony of that makes me wonder why one house could be pinpointed to be a target for the fiery deaths of so many people, many of whom are very important to their peer groups. I mean above and beyond being family members.

The city is shaken by this, I know. The Buffalo Sabres played the following night, a game that they could have postponed, and turned in a spirited effort in defeating one of the best teams in the NHL, and for a few hours, the city was able to be together, joined by one of Buffalo’s best features: The sense of community our sports teams provides.

I’m sorry for the loss of life there, and I pray that this tragic event can be quickly put behind us as we move forward in our own lives.


From February 15, 2009


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