The War

You know, being a Christian, especially a new Christian, seems like to some it’s a simple as saying “I Believe” and then living a life as outlined in the Bible, and just like that you’re saved.  

Like it’s pouring powder in a glass of milk, taking a drink and boom! you’re a Christian.  

It’s not that easy. It’s actually quite difficult. Just to make this simple, you can equate God to whatever symbolically works for you. You can do the same with Satan.  

For me, God is all there is; all there has ever been, all that there will be. God embodies all that is good. God is love.  

Satan also embodies all that there has ever been. All that there is. Quite possibly all there will be for a very long time, but Satan is the darkness. Satan is hate.  

Christ is the way. Christ is the beacon that leads you to God.  

Let me tell you what happens, not when you decide to be a Christian, but when God makes himself known to you. When he opens your eyes, and fills your heart and hits you head on. From the moment you’re touched, your life turns upside down. Everything you’ve kept yourself wrapped up in is torn away. Your entire world is changed.  

Oh, sure, it’s nice to hear all the other Christians congratulate you, and smile as they welcome you into the “family.” But in a way, it’s nice like that unfamiliar relative that you never saw before who wraps her arms around you and tells you how wonderful it is to see you. It’s uncomfortable.  

Knowing you have to bare yourself and not just say you’re sorry, but to actually feel repentance in your heart is one of the hardest things for a new Christian to do.  

It’s uncomfortable because Satan has had you in his grip for a long time, and life in Satan’s hands is comfortable, even in it’s ugliness and/or is false sense of security, because Satan WANTS you to be comfortable and to be dependent on that familiarity.  

As soon as you open your eyes and your heart to God, the struggle begins. The fight for your soul wages. Satan doesn’t want to lose you. He doesn’t just let go. 


In your head, you know what you’re suppose to do, but Satan whispers in your ear, and tugs at your heart. That’s the temptation, because as much as we may strive to listen to our conciousness, it’s following our hearts that is the hardest to resist. And it is DAMN hard. All those old habits flash behind your eyes. Everything that made you feel good, or that you found an escape in, which turned you away from God even more, dances in your mind and beguiles you to take one more look, one more taste, one more dance. Temptation looks so sweet.  

Temptation is a bitch. It’ll keep you awake at night.  

This is why it’s imperative that you read scripture and that you find leaders that have fought that war that you can lean on, even though Satan never, ever stops whispering in your ear. Not for one minute.  

Knowing you’re choosing to make a transformation in every aspect of your life can be terrifying. Believe me, I’m terrified every waking moment. I can feel the darkness I pulled myself out of, right at my heels. I can taste it.  

For me now, the war is at it’s peak. Sunday, I’m getting Baptized. After that, it’s all in or all out. Satan knows this, too, and he’s upping the ante, big time. This is the test. I’m willing to bet that many of you couldn’t pass it, at this point in your lives. I’m quite sure at some point, you won’t have a choice.


From February 6, 2012


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