I was recently asked if I would still believe in God if Science could prove there wasn’t one. Here was my reply: 

Science can’t prove the existence of, nor the non-existence of God.  

God isn’t a singular being, object, theory, line of thought, hypothesis or idea.  

I’ll tell you my definition of God, which will be inefficient in the way I describe it as to the reality, but to me, God is the voice in my head telling me when something is right or wrong. It’s the feeling in my heart when I see something that brings on an emotional response. It’s the effect we have on every single person we meet and every single person we don’t meet. It’s when a baby is born in two separate places and they grow up to meet and create something, whether a life changing idea or their own child that grows up to have his or her own effect on the world.  

It’s the entire journey of our lives, the decisions we make, the experiences we have and how they all form to shape our character.  

It’s also the chance encounters that happen at just the right place, at just the right time. It’s every single thing that ever happened and how it all ties together with every single thing that will ever happen. And how every single person has an affect on every single person that is alive and will ever be alive. It’s how every thing works and fits together.  

And learning how to follow simple teachings that help open your mind and your heart to that incredible power makes you a concious part of it, and it a part of you, all flowing together in synchronicity, creating a momentum for ourselves within that indescribable “Heaven”, all part of something so great, it can’t be described accurately by anyone.  

It’s how we love each other, because God IS Love.. When we make sacrifices to help each other, without thought. When we express our feelings to each other.  

And it’s not just on Earth. It’s everything, everywhere. It’s not Mother Nature; It’s Father God.  

It’s more than the stories, & the words written in the Bible. You have to look past those words and see what lessons are being taught. It’s like looking at a stereogram. At first, you just see lines and shapes and colors, but when you look past that, and change your perspective, the way you look at it that you can see the picture inside.  

It’s something so big, and so complex that most people could never fully understand it. And most people who DO understand it, don’t completely get what God is, but we get it enough to know that we can be a part of it.  

Jesus may not have ever actually, physically walked on water. He may have never physically fed thousands of people with a few loafs of baked bread. But Jesus got it. He understood. He saw it and he fed millions, billions of people with the “bread” he “baked” through his teachings. He changed people’s ways of thinking and opened their eyes to the way everything works and how people can see beyond their own personal world and be a part of God, and that is a miracle. As miraculous as being able to walk on water.  

And I’m sure not one person reading this will understand what I’m saying, because I barely do, but I just know it’s real. I always have, even when I was denying it, I could feel myself going “against the current”.  

Resisting it, alienating yourself from it, denying it exists, even though you ARE a part of it, we all are, is like going against the current. It’ll get you no where but sucked under.


From February 16, 2012


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